TMJ Symptoms

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Clicking and popping noises in the jaw. Pain or swelling around the jaw joint. These are the most common symptoms of TMJ – a neuromuscular disorder caused by jaw misalignment.

If you experience pain in the jaw, notice noises when biting or chewing, or have trouble comfortably opening and shutting the mouth, visiting our office for a TMJ consultation may be the first step towards lasting relief. To schedule your TMJ examination with Dr. John Schmid, please call our Austin office at 512-329-5967 today.

Craniofacial Symptoms

Jaw misalignment places pressure on key nerves in the face – a factor that can result in a wide range of symptoms. Common symptoms of TMJ experienced outside of the jaw include:

  • Generalized facial pain
  • Migraine-style headaches
  • Ear pain without the presence of infection
  • Sinus pressure and pain
  • Ocular (eye) pressure and pain
  • Tinnitus

Many of these symptoms are a result of pressure placed on the trigeminal nerve – the nerve that feeds sensation to the sinuses, eyes, and jaw. This nerve is also responsible for the masticatory muscles and is behind TMJ symptoms such as lockjaw. One of the most effective ways to eliminate the symptoms of TMJ is relieving pressure on this nerve.

Treating TMJ

Dr. Schmid uses advanced neuromuscular technology to diagnose and create a treatment plan for patients with TMJ. These plans typically include options such as dental restorations, oral splints, and other solutions that can both straighten the bite and retrain muscles in the jaw while releasing pressure on the trigeminal nerve and eliminating TMJ symptoms. The best way to learn which TMJ treatment options are best for you is through a one-on-one consultation at our comfortable Austin office.

If you are struggling with any of the symptoms of TMJ in Austin, Round Rock, Lakeway, or surrounding areas of Texas, please call 512-329-5967 to schedule your initial consultation with our experienced neuromuscular dentist.