Smile Makeover

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Dental Makeover Austin TX | Contemporary Cosmetic DentistrySome people can have their aesthetic concerns addressed with a single cosmetic dentistry solution. Many others are faced with a combination of common cosmetic dental problems and require a more comprehensive approach. If you are unhappy with several aspects of your smile, Austin cosmetic dentist John Schmid, DDS, can discuss your options for a complete smile makeover. This process allows Dr. Schmid to correct every cosmetic and functional issue you are facing, and to help restore strength and absolute beauty to your smile.

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Designing Your Ideal Smile

The smile makeover procedure at Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin is entirely collaborative. From your first consultation, Dr. Schmid will work closely with you to help you choose the treatments best suited to perfect your smile.

Your input is valued and respected at each stage of our smile makeover process, and no decisions are finalized until you have had a chance to view a wax-up of what treatment can provide, and have given us your approval. This empowers you to have the final say in what you want your smile to look like.

Smile Makeover Options

Every smile is unique and no two smile makeovers are the same. However, there are some cosmetic dentistry treatments commonly used to correct a number of different issues. In some cases, a smile makeover will require only porcelain veneers. When this is the case, Dr. Schmid can use multiple veneers to cover your problem teeth, matching your veneers precisely to the untreated natural teeth they are adjacent to and producing a seamless appearance.

In addition to porcelain veneers, your smile makeover may include:

Dr. Schmid will work on each tooth individually but keep his focus on the final appearance of your entire smile. This enables us to focus on specific issues in various areas of your mouth while working to ensure a flawlessly beautiful end result. During your initial consultation, Dr. Schmid can assess your teeth and gums and begin to discuss the combination of procedures that will best benefit your smile.

If you are unhappy with several aspects of your smile, please contact Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry by calling 512-329-5967 to schedule a free smile makeover consultation with Austin, Texas cosmetic dentist Dr. John Schmid today.