Dental Bridges

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A dental bridge can be a good option if you are missing one or more teeth. A bridge gets its name from the fact that it bridges the gap left by a missing tooth. It consists of a false tooth anchored by crowns placed on adjacent teeth, and can help restore a beautiful and healthy smile.Missing tooth replacement dentist in Austin, TX

If you have teeth that have fallen out or been extracted, call Dr. John Schmid at 512-329-5967 today to schedule your dental bridge consultation. Dr. Schmid will examine your teeth, listen to your goals and concerns, and help find the best treatment plan for you.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a restorative option to replace a missing tooth. Unfortunately, dental bridges cannot replace a tooth root like a dental implant can, but they do offer a number of other benefits. These can include:

  • Restore the appearance of your smile
  • Help prevent neighboring teeth from shifting and weakening
  • Help preserve oral health and hygiene
  • Allow for easier chewing and speaking

A dental bridge requires the teeth next to the gap created by the missing tooth to be filed down and fitted with crowns to anchor the false tooth placed in the gap. However, most patients find their bridge to be very natural looking and are happy with their new smile.

If you opt for a dental bridge, you can also choose to have the crowns made in a shade lighter than your natural teeth and then bleach the rest of your teeth to match for a brighter, whiter smile.

Who Is A Candidate for A Dental Bridge?

You may be a good candidate for a dental bridge if you:

  • Are missing one or more teeth
  • Do not want or are not a candidate for dental implants
  • Are in general good health
  • Are able to commit to a good oral hygiene routine

If you are missing an entire row of teeth, you may be a better candidate for dentures or an implant-supported bridge. Talk to Dr. Schmid to see what treatment you would benefit most from.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth can be an aesthetic issue, making your smile awkward and uneven, and potentially causing a lack of self-confidence and emotional discomfort. However, missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem. They can have a profound impact on the strength and function of your entire mouth.

When you are missing one or more teeth, you may face increased difficulties in:

  • Speaking
  • Biting
  • Chewing

Over time, adjacent teeth will also begin to slip into the empty spaces, which can alter the tension and effectiveness of your bite and possibly lead to TMJ issues such as headaches, jaw aches, and more.

Dental bridges cannot replace the missing tooth root like dental implants. They can, however, restore strength and beauty to your smile. Bridges can prevent tooth shifting, reestablish proper bite tension, and eliminate problems with speaking and eating.

Bridges are very long-lasting when cared for correctly, and they can be a wonderfully effective method of dealing with missing teeth. Dr. Schmid will be happy to assess the structure of your jaw and help you determine if dental bridges are the ideal solution for you.

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