What is the Best Type of Filling for Teeth?

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There are several reasons to get a dental filling. You may be dealing with a cavity, small holes in your teeth, a fractured tooth, or even a gradual loss of tooth structure. Just as there are many reasons to get a dental filling, there are many different types of tooth filling materials available. 

In the past, options such as silver-colored amalgam, cast gold, and ceramic were used often. Now, natural-looking composite resin is the most common and popular type of filling for teeth. It’s the only type of filling that Dr. John Schmid offers patients at his Austin dental practice. Keep reading to learn why white fillings are an ideal choice to restore your smile after tooth damage.

Benefits of White Fillings

Benefits of white fillings infographicAs mentioned, there are a variety of different materials that can be used to fill cavities in teeth. It may seem difficult to know which one is the right option for you. However, white fillings, also known as composite fillings or tooth-colored fillings, are almost always the best possible choice.

There are many advantages that you can expect from tooth-colored fillings. White fillings:

  • Blend in seamlessly with your smile: When placed in your mouth, gold and silver fillings can draw a lot of attention. Meanwhile, white fillings are completely discreet. 
  • Don’t contain mercury or metal: Metal fillings can make your teeth more sensitive to heat or cold. Additionally, some patients have concerns over their long-term safety, since silver amalgam metal fillings contain liquid mercury.
  • Bond securely to tooth enamel: White fillings form a strong bond with your teeth. In fact, they are often preferable in heavy use areas because they stand up to chewing. 
  • Are not affected by temperature: Metal fillings can expand and shrink due to temperature changes in your mouth. Think: drinking hot coffee or eating ice cream. And when the fillings expand and shrink, they can damage the integrity of your teeth. In some cases, teeth with metal fillings can actually break or crack as a result of these fluctuations.
  • Fix minor cosmetic flaws: White fillings aren’t all about function. They also look great. White fillings may help improve the appearance of your smile by hiding imperfections.

Whether you need a new filling or want to replace an old one, white fillings are an excellent solution. Talk to our dentist today to find out how composite fillings can help restore your smile.

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