Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

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 Sedation dentistry allows patients who struggle with discomforts – both physical and emotional – related to dental visits to receive comprehensive treatments without fear, anxiety, or pain. Good candidates for sedation dentistry are men and women who suffer from myriad conditions including:

  • Dental phobia
  • Poor response to numbing agents
  • Highly sensitive teeth
  • An overactive gag-reflex
  • General restlessness or RLS
  • TMJ

The above list is far from comprehensive. In fact, sedation dentistry can be used to quell nearly any discomfort and provide a relaxing and rewarding dental experience.

Austin cosmetic dentist Dr. John Schmid offers a safe form of oral sedation to help our patients achieve optimal relaxation without the risks associated with IV sedation. Suitable for nearly all patients, conscious oral sedation provides calm without rendering the patient unconscious, allowing you to respond to directions while still feeling physically and mentally peaceful.

There are some preexisting conditions that can make this type of sedation less effective, but Dr. Schmid will carefully assess your medical history before suggesting it as an option to help ensure it is the best choice for you. If oral conscious dental sedation is not a good option for your needs, Dr. Schmid will happily discuss other safe and effective solutions.

To learn if oral conscious sedation is a good fit for your needs, please contact Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry online or by calling 512-329-5967to schedule a consultation today.