Is a Dental Implant a Good Idea?

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For almost everyone who is missing one or more teeth, a dental implant will be a good idea. Dental implants are the longest-lasting and most stable option for replacing missing teeth, and they are the only type of missing tooth treatment that actually replaces the tooth root, not just the visible crown portion of the tooth.Smiling middle aged man showing off his attractive smile after having a dental implant placed

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Why Dental Implants Are So Good

Dental implants have a number of benefits that make them the top choice for replacing a tooth among most dentists in America. These benefits include:

  • Dental implants replace the entire tooth, including the root. The tooth root is an integral structure in the jaw, allowing the jaw bone to remain healthy and strong.
  • Dental implants are essentially permanent, as long as there are no complications after the implant is placed.
  • Dental implants provide a much more stable base than adhesive dentures can, and they do not require modification of the surrounding teeth like bridges do.

The reason you often see elderly people with collapsed jaws is because they are using adhesive dentures to replace their teeth. Adhesive dentures do not replace tooth roots, and as a result, the jaw bone loses density over time, eventually leading to collapse.

Drawbacks of Dental Implants

Unfortunately, dental insurance companies are too often behind the times when it comes to safe and effective advances in dentistry, and they rarely fully cover dental implants. This leads to many patients not getting the quality treatment they deserve, and having to settle for an extraction, a bridge, or adhesive dentures instead of dental implants.

Dental implants, however, are a worthwhile investment if you are a good candidate. Dr. Schmid offers dental financing plans to help his patients afford dental implants or implant-supported dentures. Patients most often find that the high initial cost is well worth it over time, especially as dental implants should never have to be replaced.

In some cases, complications can arise from dental implants. The risk of complication rises if you:

  • Are a smoker
  • Don’t practice good dental hygiene
  • Don’t have sufficient bone density to support implants

This is why it’s important to make sure that you are a good candidate before embarking on dental implant treatment. If you are a poor candidate, your risk of complication rises, and you will likely be better off with a different type of treatment for your missing tooth or teeth.

Most patients can become good candidates for dental implants through lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, or through having a bone graft performed. Bone grafts help to increase bone density in the jaw so that your dental implant can properly fuse. Bone grafting is a separate surgery that needs to be performed well before your dental implant surgery, so take this into account when you’re considering what treatment is best for you.

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