How Is Fluoride Used in Preventative Dentistry?

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mom teaching daughter child teeth brushing in bathroomOur team at Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry uses fluoride as one of many preventative measures to keep a patient's smile healthy. If you are considering fluoride treatments, continue reading to find out more!

How Is Fluoride Used in Preventative Dentistry?

Fluoride is often used in a variety of forms as a preventative measure against tooth decay. Fluoride can be found naturally in some sources of water, and it can also be added to drinking water in many communities, a process known as fluoridation. This helps to replenish the fluoride in people’s teeth which helps protect them from cavities.

In addition to being added to drinking water, fluoride treatments are available at the dentist's office, or they may be prescribed for daily use at home. Professional fluoride treatments often involve the application of a highly concentrated form of fluoride directly onto the teeth, while at-home products include mouth rinses, gels, and pastes that contain lower doses of fluoride. When you work with Dr. John Schmid and his team at Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry of Austin, TX, you can ask about having fluoride treatments administered onto the teeth to strengthen and protect them.

Do I Need Fluoride Treatments?

When many think about fluoride treatments at the dentist, they often associate them with children who may have difficulty properly cleaning their teeth and need that extra step of prevention. However, we also offer fluoride treatments for adults. As we age, tooth enamel becomes more porous and more susceptible to decay.

Fluoride treatments are also beneficial for those who have had cavities in the past or those with poor oral hygiene habits. Depending on your needs, Dr. John Schmid can help decide if fluoride treatments are right for you and how often they should be done. We want to help you keep a beautiful smile for many years to come and provide the solutions that you might need to reach your oral health goals and desires!

Why Should I Choose Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry?

At Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry, our team is dedicated to meeting all of your dental needs and helping provide the best care possible. We offer comprehensive preventive dentistry services, including regular checkups, cleaning, and fluoride treatments, along with restorative and cosmetic procedures. If you live in the area and want to work with Dr. John Schmid, call 512-329-5967 today.