ClearCorrect Questions

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How does ClearCorrect™ work?

ClearCorrect utilizes a series of customized aligner trays to gently push teeth into alignment. Every few weeks, you will visit Austin dentist Dr. John Schmid for your next set of aligners. These visits also allow us to check the progress of your treatment and make adjustments when necessary.

How long does ClearCorrect treatment take?

Each case is unique, but ClearCorrect typically requires 12 to 18 months. This treatment period may be shorter or longer depending on your specific type and degree of malocclusion. Dr. Schmid can help you determine how long treatment will take during your initial consultation.

Does ClearCorrect hurt?

Unlike braces that use manual adjustments to pull teeth into alignment, ClearCorrect does not require aggressive adjusting. What’s more, ClearCorrect aligners will not irritate oral tissue, cut lips and gums, or otherwise create discomfort while being worn.

Is ClearCorrect right for me?

ClearCorrect is a fantastic way to address malocclusion in adults and older teens, but is not the right solution for everyone. The best way to learn if this alternative to braces is right for you is through a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Schmid.

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