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So you want to straighten your smile without the drawbacks of metal braces? ClearCorrect invisible aligners are an excellent alternative designed to be convenient and discreet. 

Whether you’re currently progressing through a treatment plan or are simply interested in these trays, it’s normal to have a few questions. Here, our Austin cosmetic dentist provides answers.

ClearCorrect FAQ infographic Will I Get Used to ClearCorrect?

It takes time to adjust to new things. Aligners aren’t any different. At first, you may have a slight lisp while you become familiar with how they affect your speech. There may be days when your new trays feel unusual or tight. Your bite may also feel strange from time to time. 

These experiences are normal and temporary. Most people adapt to their aligners within a few days of receiving a new set. In fact, ClearCorrect trays are among the most comfortable in the industry. 

What Can I Drink with ClearCorrect?

You can drink whatever you want during your ClearCorrect treatment. Soda, juice, coffee, and other beverages are all on the table. However, you must remove your aligners first. 

If you drink with your aligners in place, you risk warping or staining them — not to mention the impact on your teeth. The only beverage you can drink while wearing ClearCorrect is water.

How Long Do I Need to Wear ClearCorrect?

Every patient is different. Your treatment time depends on your goals and the amount of correction that needs to occur. It also depends on your compliance. 

Things like skipping your appointments, not wearing your trays enough, and practicing poor oral hygiene can set you back. That can increase your costs and impact the quality of your results. Get a personalized treatment time estimate and compliance tips during your consultation.

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