Carbonic Acid and Tooth Damage

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 As we’ve discussed on our blog before, there is no discernable difference between the damage done to teeth by sugar-free and sugar-filled sodas. New research now suggests the same is true of sparkling water and other carbonated beverages – even when they don’t contain flavors or sugar.

Turns our carbonic acid – the stuff that makes sparking water sparkle – can break down and destroy tooth enamel over time, increasing risks for sensitivity, tooth decay, infection, and tooth discoloration. It should be noted however that the rate at which sparkling waters erodes tooth enamel is significantly slower than sodas.

For optimal dental health, little outside of water is truly good for you. However, most beverages – including sodas and sparkling water – can be enjoyed in moderation without posing any real threat to your oral health. It is important to bear in mind the damage these beverages can do and to take steps such as brushing, flossing, and visiting our office twice a year for cleanings to help prevent serious problems. During these visits Austin dentist Dr. John Schmid will evaluate your teeth for signs of damage and make treatment suggestions as needed to help prevent small issues from becoming large problems.

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