Can Veneers Ruin Your Teeth?

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Woman with veneers in Austin Porcelain veneers are one of today’s most popular cosmetic dentistry services. These thin shells of ceramic material are bonded in place to conceal a wide range of cosmetic flaws. However, because the process involves removing some enamel, many patients are concerned that getting veneers will ruin their teeth.

The good news is that, when done properly, a veneer treatment will not ruin your natural teeth. However, it is permanent and irreversible. This consideration is something to be aware of when deciding if veneers are right for you.

Why Removing Enamel is Necessary

Enamel must be removed to prepare a tooth for veneer placement. Without this step, there would not be enough room to accommodate the veneer. As a result, the restoration would not have a seamless fit. It could even make the tooth appear unusually large.

Fortunately, about half a millimeter of enamel is all that needs to be taken off. This is a very small amount, nearly equal to the thickness of the veneer.

Once tooth enamel has been removed, it will not come back. This means that the process is irreversible. It is important to know that while porcelain veneers are durable and resilient, they are not guaranteed to last a lifetime. Because of this, you will need to replace them if they become damaged.

Most patients find that this is an acceptable trade-off considering the benefits that veneers have to offer. Veneers can provide you with a stunning smile in a fraction of the time required for other treatments.

Avoid Problems by Choosing a Qualified Dentist

Veneer placement isn’t completely without risks. Problems tend to arise when inexperienced dentists remove more enamel than is necessary. Similarly, placing veneers on individuals who are not good candidates can also lead to issues.

Dr. John Schmid is conservative when removing enamel and knows that this is an important part of achieving a successful outcome. He offers the highest quality veneers and places them with care to ensure their longevity. In the event of damage or accidental trauma, he will replace your veneers free of charge for up to 5 years.

Before moving forward with your treatment, he will thoroughly evaluate your candidacy. Expect him to conduct a full examination of your mouth and assess the condition of your natural teeth.

Our patients are very happy with their veneers, and you can see some of their results here.

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