Can TMJ Cause Vertigo?

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 TMJ can impact the inner ear, resulting in symptoms such as ear pain and stuffiness along with vertigo and dizziness. If you have long struggled with one of these issues, it may be a good idea to discuss your situation with Austin neuromuscular dentist Dr. John Schmid to determine if TMJ is the underlying cause. When jaw misalignment is causing vertigo, TMJ treatment may be very effective at producing a lasting solution to the problem.

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In addition to vertigo, TMJ symptoms may include:

  • Jaw swelling and pain
  • Clicking or popping noises when chewing
  • Headaches and facial pain
  • Sinus and ocular pressure

In many cases of TMJ, these symptoms can come and go. If you experience any of them for a period lasting longer than one week, Dr. Schmid can perform advanced diagnostic tests to determine if misalignment is the cause. If so, there are a number of treatment options available that can restore proper alignment to the jaw and eliminate the painful and limiting symptoms of this common neuromuscular issue.

If you are experiencing symptoms of TMJ such as vertigo, please contact Dr. John Schmid to schedule a neuromuscular evaluation today. Located in Austin, Dr. Schmid welcomes patients from Round Rock and all surrounding areas of Texas.