Can TMJ Cause Ear Pain?

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Ear pain is a common symptom of TMJ. So too are ear ringing and pressure, all in the absence of infection. When ear pain is chronic or recurring and no infection is present, TMJ is the most likely culprit. This makes treating TMJ the most effective way to restore lasting comfort.

TMJ causes ear pain by placing pressure on the trigeminal nerve. This nerve feeds sensation to nearly every area of the face. Pressure placed on it is responsible for TMJ symptoms including:

  • Ear pain and pressure
  • Pressure and pain behind the eyes
  • Nasal pressure and pain
  • Generalized facial pain

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, Austin TMJ dentist Dr. John Schmid can help. Specially trained in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Schmid knows how to identify TMJ and can personalize a treatment that addresses your specific symptoms for optimal and lasting relief. Please call us at 512-329-5967 to schedule a free TMJ treatment consultation and learn how we can help.

Ear pain can be caused by TMJ. Existing tinnitus or ear issues can be exacerbated by TMJ as well. No matter if TMJ is solely responsible for your ear pain or simply a contributing factor, restoration of jaw alignment can help. By restoring proper alignment, our Austin neuromuscular dentist can relieve pressure on the trigeminal nerve, release tension in the jaw muscles, and eliminate many of the painful and limiting symptoms of this common disorder. During your free TMJ treatment consultation, Dr. Schmid will discuss those options best suited to meet your needs and produce long-term comfort.

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