Can Dental Implants Replace More Than One Single Tooth?

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hispanic man smiling confident standing at parkDental implants are a widely popular solution for patients who are faced with tooth loss. These titanium posts are placed into the bone of the jaw by Dr. John Schmid of Austin, TX, to support the restorations above. This may include a dental crown, which replaces a single tooth within the smile. However, many of our patients are curious about the versatility of dental implants and whether or not they can be used to replace more than one tooth within the smile. Educate yourself further on the benefits of dental implants and their ability to restore and repair the smile following the loss or extraction of a permanent adult tooth.

Can dental implants replace more than one single tooth?

Absolutely! Dental implants can be used to replace more than one single tooth. Depending on your individual situation, a few or several teeth may be replaced with implants. Implant-supported bridges and implant-supported dentures are two common treatments that replace multiple teeth with implants. Bridges use crowns attached to an artificial tooth that is secured by two surrounding implants, while dentures consist of a full set of false teeth secured in place by four or more implants. Both treatments help to restore the form and function of a missing smile without affecting adjacent natural teeth.

What other options are available for replacing multiple missing teeth?

In addition to dental implants, Dr. John Schmid also provides solutions for tooth replacement, including partial dentures, full dentures, and dental bridges. During an initial examination with our team of professionals, we can assess which tooth replacement option fits your budget and lifestyle while ensuring a natural-looking repair that maintains your smile's beautiful appearance. We want patients to have choices when they visit our office to make educated decisions in restoring your smile!

Am I a proper candidate for dental implants?

Determining candidacy for dental implants starts with a consultation visit with Dr. John Schmid. During this first visit, he can evaluate your smile and perform x-rays to determine if you have enough bone in place for one or more dental implants to be successfully inserted. Call 512-329-5967 to request a visit with our team in Austin, TX.