Dental Fillings

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Even if you try to pursue good dental hygiene and teeth cleaning, you may still get a cavity. However, just because you have a cavity does not mean the structure and appearance of your tooth needs to be significantly altered. Using white fillings, Austin dentist John Schmid, DDS, can repair cavities while maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetics of your tooth.

Traditional Dental Fillings

Metal dental fillings have been in use for a number of years and were, for a time, the only option available. Now, as part of a smile makeover or just as a standalone procedure, replacing metal fillings with tooth-colored ones is common. Like many other people, you may be dissatisfied with the appearance of metal in your smile.

There are several reasons metal fillings are no longer common. Metal fillings are packed into a cavity, requiring a large amount of your natural tooth be removed for their placement. The removal of such excessive amounts of surrounding tooth structure can further weaken a tooth impacted by decay, making it more likely to chip, break, or fissure.

In addition, the metal used in amalgam fillings is not resistant to temperature fluctuations in your mouth. As temperatures change from hot to cold, amalgam fillings expand and contract, placing pressure on the inside of your tooth and further increasing the risk of structural damage. Expansion and contraction can also lead to a metal filling becoming loose or falling out entirely. To add to these functional disadvantages, metal fillings are unsightly and can detract from the appearance of your smile.

Natural Looking, Tooth-Colored Fillings

White composite fillings, sometimes called tooth-colored fillings, are a staple of cosmetic dentistry and have several advantages over metal amalgam fillings. Some of these advantages include:

  • Placement. White fillings bond to your tooth and require less tooth structure be removed. Not only does this allow Dr. Schmid to preserve more of your natural tooth structure, it actually strengthens your tooth.
  • Does not change with temperature. The composite material in white fillings is not impacted by temperature fluctuations. This prevents white fillings from becoming loose, falling out, and damaging your teeth.
  • Mercury free. While evidence is still inconclusive, some studies suggest mercury in fillings may be bad for your health. White fillings contain no mercury.
  • Aesthetics. White fillings are matched to the color of your natural teeth, so you won't have unsightly metal in your smile.

Due to the numerous advantages of white fillings, Dr. Schmid does not offer their metal alternatives. If you have metal fillings and are unhappy with them, our Austin dentist can discuss your options for removing and replacing them with safer, more attractive, and functionally superior white fillings.

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